Vol. VII, No. 4, April, 1900

April & Procession of Spring, The (Poems)
American Bittern, The (Species Account & Illustration)
Origin of the Easter Egg (Article)
Moral Value of Forests (Article)
Scarlet Ibis, The (Species Account & Illustration)
Chippy — A Baby Mocking Bird (Story)
Massena Quail, The (Species Account & Illustration)
In the Old Log House (Story)
Animals as Patients (Article)
Triplet Tree, The (Article)
Countries Devoid of Trees (Article)
Snow Prisons of Game Birds (Article)
Ring-billed Duck, The (Species Account & Illustration)
Strange Bird House, A (Story)
Chickadee, The (Poem)
Foxglove (Species Account & Illustration)
Fruit Bats of the Philippines (Snippet)
Monkeys as Gold Finders (Snippet)
Plea for the Trees, A (Article)
Brigand Bird, A (Snippet)
Brook, The (Poem)
Blood-root, The (Species Account & Illustration)
Tansy Cakes (Snippet)
Our Feathered Neighbors (Article)
Blue Grosbeak, The (Species Account & Illustration)
Odd Places Chosen (Snippet)
Young Naturalist, The (Article)
Bird Life in India (Snippet)
Ireland's Lost Glory (Article)
Birds and Reptiles Related (Snippet)
Rock Shells, The (Article & Illustration)

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