Vol. VI, No. 1, June, 1899

My neighbor in the Apple Tree (Story & Feather Illustration)
Western Yellow-throat (Species Account & Illustration)
The Myrtle Warbler (Species Account & Illustration)
A Suggestion to Oologists (Article)
The Blue-winged Yellow Warbler & Indirection (Species Account/Illustration & Poem)
Out-Door Silence (Article)
The Golden-winged Warbler & Pet Animals as Causes of Disease (Species Account/Illustration & Article)
A Fly-Catching Plant (Article)
Trees and Eloquence (Article)
Bats in Bermese Caves & A Metal Bird's Nest (Articles)
The Mourning Warbler (Species Account & Illustration)
The Raven and the Dove & The Mayflowers (Story & Poem)
The Chestnut-sided Warbler & Nature Study — How A Naturalist is Trained (Species Account/Illustration & Article)
Curious Trees (Article)
The Black-throated Blue Warbler & The Emperor's Bird's Nest (Species Account/Illustration & Poem)

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