Birds And All Nature
Vol. V, No. 3, March, 1899


The Tufted Titmouse (Species Account & Illustration)
The Squirrel's Use of His Tail (Article)
The Northern Prairie Hare (Species Account & Illustration)
Destruction of Bird Life and We Believe It (Articles)
The Pineapple (Species Account & Illustration)
The Hooded Merganser (Species Account & Illustration)
The Trumpeters (Poem)
Cloves (Species Account & Illustration)
The Woodchuck (Species Account & Illustration)
Flowers with Horns and Claws (Article)
The Common American Mole (Species Account & Illustration)
Skin (Article)
The Azalea (Species Account & Illustration)

Note:These are only a few of the selected articles from the Magazine, Birds and All Nature
PDFs of each article (with larger illustrations) are available upon request; send email to and state year/issue number and article title. The PDF articles cannot be sold nor included in any online or printed form without prior permission. Classroom distribution of PDFs and linking to the articles is permitted.

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