Vol. VII, No. 5, May, 1900

May & We May Hear the Bird Sing (Poems)
Magpie, The (Species Account & Illustration)
Butterfly's History, A (Article)
Submerged Forest, A (Article)
Red-breasted Nuthatch (Species Account & Illustration)
Migratory Birds (Article)
Purple Martin, The (Species Account & Illustration)
Glimpse at Beautiful Pictures, A (Article)
Goose Plant in Bloom (Snippet)
Johnny Appleseed (Article)
Ring-necked Dove (Species Account/Illustration & Poem)
Some Early Risers (Snippet)
Young Naturalist, The (Article)
Opossum (Species Account & Illustration)
Something About Dogs (Article)
Easy Lessons in Evolution (Article)
Cecropia Moth, The (Species Account)
Genista, The (Species Account & Illustration)
Where Vegetables Came From (Article)
Birds and Farmers (Article)
Fish Have Favorite Haunts (Snippet)
Silliest Bird in the World (Snippet)
Thyme (Species Account & Illustration)
Curious Survival, A (Article)
Raven, The (Species Account & Illustration)
Wild Flowers of May (Snippet)
Rice Paper (Snippet)
Floating Snail, A (Snippet)
Egyptian Trees for America (Snippet)

Note:These are only a few of the selected articles from the Magazine, Birds and All Nature
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