Phaethon was the son of Helios (the Sun God) and the nymph Clymene. He was the result of a brief love affair and grew up without knowledge of his father. He demanded from his mother to tell him his father's name. When he found out his father was the sun god, Phaethon went in search of him travelling to the east from where the sun rises. He found his father and declared himself and was welcomed and Helios offered his son anything that he wanted. Phaethon was dazzled by the splendor of his father's journey across the sky and wanted to drive the chariot of the sun for one day. The next day, Phaethon could not control the winged horses and the chariot of the sun was out of control and soon began to scorch the world to which it was meant to bring warmth and light. Zues was called upon by Gaia (Mother Earth) who could only hurl a thunderbolt and kill Phaethon. Helios took control and righted the chariot and the world was safe again. Phaethon's sisters wept on a bank by a river and turned into trees. The trees continued to weep - the resin oozed from the bark and turned into amber. Carl Linnaeus gave the term because of its attempt to follow the path of the sun.