Pandion, king of Athens, whose tragic daughters, Philomela and Procne were metamorphosized into a nightingale and a swallow, respectively. The story is that Philomela sister Procne was married to Tereus, King of Thrace, but Tereus wanted and was possessed with Philomela. Tereus told Pandion that Procne was dead (a lie) and Pandion offered him Philomela as his new wife. Philomela in the mean time did not want Tereus, and Tereus resorted to rape. To hide what he had done, he hid Philomela and cut out her tongue. Philomela managed to tell her story by weaving it into a piece of embroidery and sent it to Procne. Procne killed her son, Itys, and served his flesh to Tereus. The sisters fled from the palace and Pandion pursued, but the gods intervened and the tragedy ended. The gods changed Procne into a nightingale and Philomela into a swallow. Tereus became a hoopoe.