Natural Foods of Passeriformes IV
(Jays, Crows, Titmice)
Common Bird Name Fish Reptiles Amphibians Carrion/
Insects Plants/Fruits
Lizard Snake Turtle


Black-capped Chickadee            
Blue Jay            
Boreal Chickadee            
Carolina Chickadee            
Fish Crow2      
Gray Jay              
Scrub Jay      
Tufted Titmouse            

1 Destructs eggs of game and song birds
2 Steals eggs from nests of terns, willets, Wilson's Plovers, Clapper Rails, herons, ibises, spoonbills, anhingas and cormorants
3 Robs nests of gulls, murres and cormorants

Information compiled using Arthur Cleveland Bent's Life Histories Series

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