Vol. VI, No. 2, September, 1899

The Pointer (Species Account & Ilustration)
The Psychology of Bird Study (Article)
Shells and Shell-fish (Species Account & Illustration)
The Flown Bird & Forest park, Springfield, Mass. (Poem & Snippet)
Marbles (Article & Illustration)
The Whippoorwill (Article)
Twilight Birds & Awesome Trees (Poem & Snippet)
The Edge of the Wood (Article)
Ores (Article & Illustration)
Young Wild Birds (Snippet)
Mandioca (Species Account)
Traveling Birds (Article)
Minerals (Article & Illustration)
Accidents to Birds (Article)
The Influence of Pictures (Article)
Birds and Ornithologists & Accordance of Nature (Article & Poem)
The Water Lily (Species Account & Illustration)
The White Swan (Species Account & Illustration)
Nebraska's Many Birds (Snippet)
The Yellow Perch (Species Account & Illustration)
Mounting of Birds (Snippet)
Birds in Town (Article)
The Ovenbird — Golden-crowned Thrush (Species Account)
Insect Life Underground (Article & Illustration)

Note:These are only a few of the selected articles from the Magazine, Birds and All Nature
These articles cannot be sold nor included in any online or printed form without obtaining the proper permission. Classroom distribution of articles and linking to the articles is permitted.

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